So in celebration of my blog's first birthday I decided to also make my first follow forever!  While I've been a fan of the band for much longer than 1 year, I feel so much more connected by meeting all of you guys and sharing this roller coaster.  I honestly cannot believe how much fun I've had with this blog and the friends that I've made because of it.  To top it off, a massive goal of mine has been reached this week, so thank you all so much!  This blog means loads to me and for you all to help with that is more than I can ask.

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thankyou very much !! Xx



the boys probably have tons of group selfies and pics together that we haven’t seen cuz theyre selfish and keep them all to themselves i feel betrayed

#I NEED TO GO THROUGH LIAM’S PHONE AND THE 10 ALBUMS DEDICATED TO ZAYN #1. Zayn’s profile #2. Zayn’s tattoos #3. Zayn laughing #4. Zayn sleeping #5. Zayn singing #6. Zayn + big moments #7. Mischievous Zayn #8. Zayn and the boys #9. Zayn and me #10. Zayn’s dick #COME ON PLEASE (x)

Liam used to be (and still is a bit) that kind of person that can take a lot of shit and Doesnt get mad or just keep it to himself and the boys saw that and they were so mean, when i first join the fandom i watched ALL the vídeos and its absurd how horrible Louis, Harry and sometimes Zayn were. They were tenes they didnt understand the consequences of their words and actions and they didnt know liam well back then. My point is Liam has always been such a sweet heart :(

idk i think it gets to him a bit, i think he takes insults/digs/mockery quite personal? Liam is a people pleaser and tries to make everyone happy. I think they were just all new to eachother and kind of wanted to push the boundaries with each other a little bit, to see their limits maybe? I don’t think any of them were intentionally mean though, they were all quite sarcastic to eachother plenty of times. Most of the time, it was all in a playful, joking light. It might have gone a bit far at times *the invisible comment*, but they were just young rowdy boys trying to find their place in the band and with eachother, i guess. And yes, i agree. Liam is such a sweet lil babe. <3

Hey do you know anything about Andy also have a tattoo of (BUS1)?? 31(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/fde79184d1a8645a562f93b09f81e841/tumblr_inline_n9a2czfqWn1swvyys(.)jpg

yeeeep, i seen it a while back, i find that cute :-)

@niallofficial: Haha found this on my phone! From the midnight memories video shoot, it was freezing , think Harry was in the toilet


he made ZAYN giggle shrug


what do i do now