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"If you could take your entire world," he says, "everything that matters the most to you, and ball all that up to fit in the palms of your hands, would you ever let someone else hold it? Would you ever trust someone else to keep it for even a second, and return it to you exactly the way it was before, unharmed, undamaged, exactly the way it was?" ha ha AHH AHAHA I'M FINE

(x) FUK i love that fic!! THAT PARAGRAPH GETS 2 ME SO BAD OH YM GOD like this fits them SO WELL tbh like i’d definitely say zayn was the more protective one, like he’s always helping liam when the other boys get too rowdy w. him or when zayn finds him in a spot of bother? eg;





AND this lil video *click* where liam fell down the hole, Zayn walks up to him asking if he’s okay and harry tries to help liam but zayn can see harry stuggling so zayn get’s ready to put his microphone in his pocket so he could help Liam out of it :’-( but ANYWAY there’s so many other instances. i think liam sometimes has the tendency to behave a bit child-like(?)/vulnerable at times bc he’s JUST SO PLAYFUL and maybe zayn just wants to guard him and gets that urge to shield him from anything and everything. even the littlest of things, no matter how petty. there r tears everywhere. </3

Title: beatbox
Artist: Liam Payne
Played: 8006 times


Liam beatboxing in DC




Sandwich making w/ Zayn Malik by Kurtis Conner

This video is everything

Title: I almost wore MY wedding dress
Artist: Harry Styles
Played: 48600 times


that would’ve been awkward. but that’s a different story…”

Feeling suicidal? Can’t talk on phones?




IMAlive is a live online network that uses instant messaging to respond to people in crisis. People need a safe place to go during moments of crisis and intense emotional pain.


Holy shit this is brilliant



this feels like falling in love  on Ao3
Pairing: Zayn x Liam (OT5-ish)
Rating: Explicit (Underage!Ziam)

Summary: They’re so quiet afterwards, stretched across the sheets, pulled apart from end to end.

But somewhere, in the middle of a typhoon of unsaid words and dazed looks, their fingertips brush across the divide. They twist and twine around each other and Zayn can’t help the way he stares at Liam until he smiles.

He can’t quite focus with Liam looking so soft and drunk and fond.

For violentfires and the Ziam Exchange

Prompt: “right next to you”/"I will love you when you are a still day. / I will love you when you are a hurricane." and OT5 with Ziam endgame/friends to lovers (small OT5 but more Zayn/Liam first time stuff)


"I accept your challenge, Mrs Cheryl."

I wanted this to happen so bad, alright?


HELP. Liam, Nashville 8/19/14 X

In that gif you reblogged of zayn dramatically licking his lips, I cant help but imagine how much he would enjoy the taste of Liams ass. he looks like he would get so stuck in and love every single second of it.


Niall licking his lips

August 16, 2014 - Detroit, MI

I want you to rock me. x